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Restless Legs Syndrome


Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is a common sleep disorder that has often gone unrecognized and untreated. The good news is that effective treatments are available. Sufferers often feel crawling, creeping, burning, itching or tugging sensations in their legs while resting or sitting for long periods of time. RLS sometimes affects arms, as well.
The sensations are often so bothersome that sleepers feel the need to move their legs frequently while trying to fall asleep. Often, they cannot achieve sleep until the feelings subside. According to the RLS Foundation in Rochester, Minnesota, about 80% of the 12 million RLS sufferers experience periodic limb movements in sleep (PLMS). Similar to RLS, PLMS is characterized by sudden, involuntary and repetitive leg-jerking or kicking at the onset of sleep and during sleep.
PLMS may occur every 10 to 60 seconds, possibly hundreds of times per night. PLMS often disturbs the sleep of bed partners. Both RLS and PLMS sufferers often report difficulties falling asleep or staying asleep and may report problems with excessive sleepiness during the day. Treatments may include medications before bed, stretching and leg massage.
Patients who suffer from RLS and/or PLMS should seek immediate help to restore restful sleep. At the Alamo Sleep Disorders Center in San Antonio, TX, we are happy to discuss treatment options in depth and make proper recommendations based on the individual needs of each patient. Alamo Sleep Disorders Center will also educate each patient about their condition, possible causes and trigger mechanisms and how to avoid them.
Trust Alamo Sleep Disorders Center to effectively treat RLS and PLMS and help restore normal, restful sleep patterns. Imagine waking up alert, rested and refreshed every morning and functioning better every day. At Alamo Sleep Disorders Center, we can help you do just that. We can improve the quality of your sleep for the rest of your life. Discover the difference Alamo Sleep Disorders Center can make in your sleep quality and quality of life today. Call 210-340-1141 today or Request An Appointment .